Magdalena Coffee

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Magdalena Coffee


Magdalena coffee comes from the middle region of Colombia next to the Capital Bogotá. It is grown along 10 hectares with rich soils from constant sun/rain ratio. The fields contain over 30 different types of local trees to give the coffee cherries sun shade and cooler temperature.

Our very good friend Jaime  takes care of the farm. He has a degree in agriculture and uses knowledge, experience and the latest methods to bring out the best coffee possible. In addition he does farm experience tours to people interested in learning more about coffee. He is very active in the community.

Characteristics of the coffee include a balanced taste, acidity, and a prolonged sweet sensation. The caffeine kick of Magdalena is well known for those who drink it. We roast the coffee medium for those that like to taste the fruits and darker for those who want a stronger feel.

Notes: Red Fruits with Lemon
Body: Balanced Acidity / Medium Body
Roast: Medium / Dark roast

Origin: Arbelaez, Cundinamarca
Producer: Jaime Rodriguez
Altitude: 1600 Meters
Varietal: Castillo
Process: Washed

Coffee Profile Single Origin
85 Cupping Score (SCA Standarts
Bean Size 16-18
Characteristics Taste: Citrus Lemon
Aroma: Almond Caramel
Acidity: Medium
Body: Medium
Harvest Method Altitude 1,600
Natural Shade
Organic Fertilizers
18 to 36 Hours Fermentation
Bean Hand Selection
Roast Probate Griezer 13 Kg per Batch
Medium / Dark Roast Profile

Medium, Dark


Whole, Ground


250g, 500g