Tayrona Coffee

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Tayrona Coffee


Tayrona coffee comes from the Sierra Nevada mountains of Colombia next to the Caribbean ocean. It grows on steep hills along the range from Santa Marta to Palomino. It is the region of well known areas such as Tayrona park and Minca.

Our friend Camilo has a long experience in coffee farming and agriculture. He is constantly trying to improve his coffee. Additionally he works at the coffee cooperative of the region helping other farmers sell their coffee at a fair price.

Characteristics of this coffee are low acidity with a heavy body. We roast it for longer to give it a a strong flavor and bring out some nutty and chocolatey flavors.

Notes: Chocolate with Dried Fruits
Body: Low Acidity / High Body
Roast:  Dark roast

Origin: Sierra Nevada
Producer: Juan Camilo Ortiz
Altitude: 1400 Meters
Varietal: Colombia, Caturra
Process: Washed

Coffee Profile Single Origin
85 Cupping Score (SCA Standarts
Bean Size 16-18
Characteristics Taste: Citrus Lemon
Aroma: Almond Caramel
Acidity: Medium
Body: Medium
Harvest Method Altitude 1,600
Natural Shade
Organic Fertilizers
18 to 36 Hours Fermentation
Bean Hand Selection
Roast Probate Griezer 13 Kg per Batch
Medium / Dark Roast Profile



Whole, Ground


250g, 500g